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The Maze

About The Project

The Maze is a battle that we all fight on a daily basis. Is the journey to find ourselves, to find purpose, to understand who we are in this world. This journey takes us through unexplored paths, makes us turn on our backs when we are blocked and we do not know how to continue, and forces us to go ways we would have never imagined. Some people seek to find the center of the maze and some others simply want a way out of it.

This generative art project depicts this journey through "The Maze" utilising Cubism style. In Cubism, artists such as Picasso or Braque, would paint objects or scenes from multiple perspectives, breaking them up and reassebling them in a flat canvas with a greater context. in this case, "The Maze" is represented with up to 4 different perspectives creating a sense of abstraction and evoking the same feeling of distress we all feel when trapped inside a maze.

The Face Behind The Code

My name is Jonathan Murillo and I am artist working with different mediums: canvas, photography, digital painting and of course, generative art. I discovered genart in 2021 and ever since then I have not stopped creating in this medium. I had some degree of programing skills so generative art came as a very natural creative environment for me. I am very focused on geometry, color and simulating natural systems.

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