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The Evos Burner


How to burn?

  • A window will be open to burn your Evo(s)

  • There will be a max burn per window which will be equivalent to next Project's total supply

  • Type the ID of the Evo you want to burn

  • You will have to approve two transactions: one to approve the contract and a second one to actually burn the Evo

  • Evos will be burnt 1 by 1, so no batch burning will be allowed

  • If you don't hold an Evo, you can buy them in Opensea here

  • Only the Evos burnt through this website will qualify to secure a WL/AL spot

Why burn?

  • Burning an Evo will secure a Whitelist (WL) / Allowlist (AL) for the next drop

  • WL/AL spots will have a reduced mint price and limited to allocated supply

  • Public minting will only be allowed if total supply is not reached through the Evo burner

Open burning window!

  • Project: Caravan Carnival (link)

  • Project Supply: 250

  • Max burning: 200 Evos

  • WL/AL Mint Price: 0.0333 ETH

  • Public Mint Price: 0.0666 ETH

  • Burning open date: 3rd Dec 2022 (TBA!)

  • Burning close date: 11th Dec 2022 (10pm CET)

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