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The Evos

Minting Is Closed!


Drop Details

- Max Supply: 1500

- Mint Price: FREE

- Claim Peiod: 3rd Nov (exact time TBA) to 11th Nov (exact time TBA)

- Only wallets in the snapshot will be able to claim

The man behind the code

My name is Jonathan Murillo and I am a photographer and digital artist. I discovered generative art in 2021 and ever since then I have not stopped creating in this medium. I had some degree of programing skills so generative art came as a very natural creative environment for me. I am very focused on geometry, color and simulating natural systems.

Back in August 2022 I released my first large scale generative art collection: Evolution. I hugely support that art does not require to have an utility, and that the art is the utility. However, this space to me is more than just creating art, I want to create a universe in which my art, the community and some fun can collide and coexist together, and that is the main reason I am creating The Evos. This collection will create some very interesting game theories that will be fun to watch and learn from, both as an artist and as a community member. Let's have some fun!

About The Evos

What are “The Evos”?

The Evos are utility-enabled PFPs which will work as one-time mint passes into my future drops. They have been generated in p5js utilizing only three basic geometric figures (circles, triangles and rectangles) and the color palettes of Evolution (hence the name).

All my future “solo” drops (excludes third party platforms, 1/1s and collabs) will be accessed exclusively by Evos holders. For each drop, holders will need to burn as many Evos as minting spots they would like to have in the next drop

How will the burning mechanism work?

The main burning mechanism will be “Burn to Allowlist” — Before a drop, a window will be open to burn your Evo and secure an allowlist/whitelist spot for the mint. The total number of Evos to be burnt will be limited by the max supply of the drop, so it will be based on FCFS (first comes first serves).

Collectors will have to pay the mint cost, so the final “cost” to mint any future artwork in my collections will be “Burnt Evo + Mint Cost”.

How can I mint “The Evos”?

A collectors snapshot will be taken on 24-10-2022 and all wallets will be automatically whitelisted. Max minting will follow this structure:

  • 1/1 holders: 10 Evos per 1/1 in the wallet

  • WTF holders: 5 Evos per WTF in the wallet

  • Evolution holders: 3 Evos per Evolution in the wallet

This would put the total Evos supply at 1439 Evos, which will be rounded up to 1500. I estimate this supply to cover the next 5 to 7 drops.

Does minting “The Evos” have a cost?

The Evos will be FREE TO CLAIM!!!!

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