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Signed Prints

- Signed prints for your collected Evolutions can now be ordered

- Prints will come in A4 and A3+

- Payments will be done through an ETH tx to jcode.eth

- Worldwide shipment is available and included in the price

The man behind the code

My name is Jonathan Murillo and I am a photographer and digital artist. I discovered generative art in 2021 and ever since then I have not stopped creating in this medium. I had some degree of programing skills so generative art came as a very natural creative environment for me.

I am very focused on geometry, color and simulating natural systems. Artists such as Tyler Hobbs have been a big influence and that can be seen in most of my early work as well as in "Evolution".

About The Project

Evolution is a generative art project that represents the development of simple and disorganized systems into a complex and organized structures. The underlying code utilizes flow fields, which produce unpredictable and organic curves that give the final result that feeling of movement and progress.

The code can generate billions of different outputs based on 8 main parameters:​ evolution mechanism, flow type, color palette, size, length, collision detection, background grid and margin breach.

The evolution mechanisms are: natural selection, adaptation, genetic drift, mutation and gene flow. The system starts with a series of circles, triangles or hexagons (organisms) that are not particularly arranged and follow a certain flow. Then these organisms start mutating into more complex and organized populations until they reach the final stage.

Evolution -2022-7-31-17-38.png

Natural Selection

Is the main way in which populations evolve. Only a portion of the offspring born in every generation survives.

Evolution -2022-7-31-17-41.png


A heritable trait that aids the survival and reproduction of an organism in its present environment.

Evolution -2022-7-31-17-44.png

Genetic Drift

Leads to a reduction in the variation present in a population.

Evolution -2022-7-31-17-46.png


A change in the DNA sequence of the gene whenever a mistake in the DNA occurs in the heritable cells of an organism

Evolution -2022-7-31-17-47.png

Gene Flow

Leads to an increase in the variation present in a population because the migration of individuals into the population.

Evolution -2022-8-8-18-19 (1).png

The gallery below shows some examples of early renders of the code and they are just a representation of what the code can achieve.

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