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Carnival Caravan

Public mint open!

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Drop Details

- Max Supply: 250

- WL/AL Mint Price: 0.0333 ETH

- Public Mint Price: 0.0666 ETH

- Mint Dates:

  • With The Flow (WTF!) holders: free claim (50 spots) on 12th Dec 2022 at 10am CET

  • Evo burners (WL/AL): reduced price mint (200 spots) on 13th Dec 2022 at 10am CET

  • Remaining Supply (if any): public price mint on 16th Dec at 6pm CET

- Only Evo burners will get access to WL/AL

- Public will only open if the max supply is not reached in WL/AL

The man behind the code

My name is Jonathan Murillo and I am a photographer and digital artist. I discovered generative art in 2021 and ever since then I have not stopped creating in this medium. I had some degree of programing skills so generative art came as a very natural creative environment for me. I am very focused on geometry, color and simulating natural systems. Artists such as Tyler Hobbs have been a big influence. Back in August 2022 I released my first large scale generative art collection: Evolution.

About Carnival Caravan

"Carnival Caravan" is a generative art project and an expression of joy and happiness through math and geometry. It is my most complex code to date and it yet looks simple in the resulting outputs. I guess there is certain beauty to make things look simple.

The underlying code, uses a mathematical function called "Delaunay Triangulation" to basically draw triangles by "connecting the dots" of a given set points. This is my first reflection for this project bringing "joy". I remember when I was a kid and I would have those colouring books to connect the dots. One would need to follow the numbering in a set of point to draw the final shape and the colour the resulting picture. This projects feels a bit like that: colouring spaces created by a set of dots, and very much like those old books, the points in the code can very intentionally draw certain figures or shapes.


The "Delaunay Triangualtion" is a rather complex mathematical algorithm, but if we simplify it, given 3 points it basically fins the centroid of a circle that connects all three points and draws a triangle, having no other point in the population inside said circle.  

The second critial element to this project which adds to the "joy" and "happiness" is the shapes. I have used a wide range of patterns and shapes to fill the triangles. This brings another interesting layer into the composition and reminds me of the colourful carnivals when I was a kid.

A third, and very important element of any genart project, is colour. I curated 30 colour palettes that add and support bringing that sense of "joy". It reminds me of those "Carnival Caravans" that I have seen in movies: very colourful and often with certain patterns. That is why I decided to go for that name on this project.

The result of this project is a very colourful and intriguing piece of work to look at. It has 9 different attirbutes which add a lot of variety to the outputs and the overall collection. I truly believe this has been a challenge and a step up on my journey and I hope you all enjoy the results!

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